I have always known God had a plan for my life. I grew up in church and heard the sermons and Bible teachings on purpose. I never really thought too much about it, though. I just assumed it would land in my lap through circumstances and situations. I didn’t really see a reason for me to go looking for it, because I thought it would just happen.

When I was thirteen, my eyes were opened through a tragic accident. I should have lost my life that day, but God took what the enemy meant for harm and turned it into a His victory. He gives life! I have always felt “called” to do something, but didn’t know what that something was or even what it looked like. Honestly, as I type this twenty-one years later, I’m still not exactly sure where the destination is, but I am fully trusting in God to lead me down His path to my calling. For now, I will continue to speak His truth and share my story. 

My path has been long and winding. At times, it has been easy and hard. I have had successes and failures. I’ve had good and bad happen to me. I have dealt with consequences and been given rewards. I have been selfish and giving. I have taught and been taught. I have lost and found God. Though my path has been longer than I’d like, I wouldn’t change a second of it. God has been with me every step of this journey even when I did not recognize His presence. He created me for a very specific reason, and I choose to step into what He has called me to be.

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I grew up in small town USA and am proud to call Texas my life-long home.  I’m a little bit country and have that Texas twang. Yes, I sport tha’ big Texas hair and like to rock bright red lips now and again! I am a Christ follower, fun, love people (especially my family), like to see the world from behind my camera, and love chips and salsa.

Ten years ago, I moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. I am married to Josh and we have two beautiful children, Brynli and Beck. Most days, you can find me hanging with my family, eating spicy food, talking to my mom and sister, and just enjoying life.

My first career out of college was as a high school English teacher. For the past 7, I have been running my own photography business, focusing on high school senior portraits. I LOVE art and am passionate about the Lord....which has now birthed Brandi Elaine Prints. There is nothing more important to me than sharing God's truth and witnessing to people. I hope having these prints on your walls with be a daily reminder and spoken truth over you, your family and friends, and the precious babes of the next generation. 

Many blessings to you all!